Atheist Republic is now a political movement. We are going to make it difficult for atheists to be ignored and demand changes via rallies, marches, radio/TV coverage and partnership with human rights organizations, lawyers and politicians. The main goal is to protect atheists from harm and mistreatment caused by their atheism. Join and take part in weekly meetings and elections.

To be able to execute our plans, we are going to be expanding our resources and our team by hiring for positions on our council of experts and eventually our parliament. We are going to have a lot of expenses. Your membership fee is going to help us make this all possible.

Part of the new direction the Atheist Republic is heading as a movement will involve identifying blasphemers in need of our help. We'll plan rallies and protests and attempt to get more media, political and legal attention to their case. Our members will make suggestions for which case to focus on. Our consulates will be an essential part of managing these protests in different cities.